Friday, August 28, 2009

yes my legos are color cordinated

If you think that it is crazy to color coordinate your legos or make labels for your white sugar & brown sugar jars then skip this post. If however you enjoy this sort of thing you will thank me later.

I'm sure organizing your children's puzzles are at the top of every body's to do list. Right up there with use a toothpick to get gunk out of my keyboard type thing or put my recipes in clear sheet protectors. Anyhow this started out as my project this afternoon. Israel took apart all of his puzzles this week and all the pieces got mixed up. Lots of little puzzle pieces ALL O V E R the PLACE!!! So after doing 100 puzzles this week to put them back in their boxes and make sure they had all their pieces we came up with this system (part courtesy of grammiesuperteacher of the world).

- start with a complete puzzle
- with the same number or letter or stamp mark the back of each puzzle piece
- from the box cut out the actual picture of the puzzle
- on that cut out write down the name of the puzzle, what marking it has & how many pieces go to it
- zip lock away

My once 4ft high puzzle tower that took up tons of space now has vanished. In its place is a wonderful basket full of neat and tidy zippies that fits under my coffee table.


Jeff and Robin said...

Brilliant! What a clever idea.

Oh, and my brown sugar, white sugar, cornstarch, icing sugar, and every spice I own are all labelled... with my label maker. It's not strange at all.

Jocelynalice said...

Katch, you are truly awesome. That deserves 'house wife' points. about 105. :)

Christina said...