Monday, October 12, 2009

Grandma Dee

I love my grandma. Her name is Delores Marie Turner. I love that my name middle name is Marie too. I have always loved my grandma's hands. They always had fancy rings on them, hot pink nail polish that matched her lipstick and sunspots from her days laying out in Laguna beach. I love that even after all these years she still sees me and says "hello sweetheart". Most of all I love to watch her with my children. Although she sometimes thinks Aubrey is a boy and often tells me which great grandchild is the cutest (its not mine by the way), I love how she dearly loves my kids and how they make her smile and teary eyed.

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Jeff and Robin said...

So sweet. Can't wait to take my little one to Canada to meet her namesake... my grandma!

Also, you have the same couch as me. Well, that one is sitting in the garage at the moment, but I do have that couch!