Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What to do first

It seems I have fallen a bit behind. Understatement of the decade. Ok so today on my list of things to do is as follows and in no particular order...
12 loads of laundry
dishes from three nights ago. (not that I made dinner, just a mess)
mend some clothes from my sisterinlaw
squish a cute baby
find the floor of my bedroom
plug cover the heck out of my house
scrub some bottles
walk to school
squish a cute baby and maybe bathe here while I'm at it
Yesterday I left the mess and set out for the wilderness of Irvine. Procrastination at its best. Worth it. I'll take pumpkins and boys climbing trees over laundry any day.

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Christina said...

Izzy is really growing up, even looking older in a drastic way! i can't wait to see him in person!