Thursday, October 29, 2009

I stress myself out sometimes

Ok so when I was little I used to arrange the furniture in my room ALL THE T I M E. When my mom asked me to clean my room what she meant was pick up the clothes, put away your dolls, make your bed. What I would do was - change my sheets, dust the shutters, reorganize all my closet, make a gigantic mess to get organized and three or five hours later my room would be perfection and more often then not, rearranged. That's just how I work. So the other day when I could not face the laundry or my dishes that were three days old what did I do? Clean out Israel's fish tank and vacuum out the car. Because that is the obvious thing to do in order to congratulate myself on being productive without actually facing all things practical. So this brings me to the latest series of events.
* "Hi Katchen, yes this is Israel's awana teacher and he is barfing all over the room here, could you please come pick him up before all forty kids get sprayed?"
* Soak Izzy's clothes, car seat, awana vest and book bag overnight
* attempt to disinfect my entire house today starting with the kitchen
* get side tracked my apples in my fridge. home made applesauce
* get sidetracked by some rotten bananas. banana bread
* might as well make a casserole while I'm at it
* organize the fridge, food cabinet
* rip off the label on my disinfectant spray because my dish soap and hand soap are green and so is the spray and the only thing bothering me is the label.
(at this point I kinda am like Elija Wood in that movie where he collects the labels and wears the funny glasses and zip locks everything)
* wash the top of my fridge
* take down my curtains
* disinfect the bottom oven drawer because I'm sure that is where all the germs are
* mop, vacuum and wipe down the windows and counter tops
At this point I am happy with the results. Do you think Kurto will be mad if there are 8 loads of laundry blocking the door and no sheets on the bed? Will he notice if there is a mess everywhere else but a clean kitchen? I'm guessing I better throw in that casserole to distract him.

On a side note of thankfulness: Israel has not been sick again after awanas and aubrey has taken two naps today! Praise the Lord!


Leslie said...

I giggled all the way through this.. this is so the way a woman thinks.. and yes the little things we accomplish when the big picture is overall sometimes crazy...

love this post

but then again Im easily sidetracked.

Jocelynalice said...

Katchen, You are fabulous. you make me laugh. thank you.