Sunday, October 25, 2009

kurto and his loves

The kids both love when their daddy plays the guitar. It seems to calm them, intrigue them and makes for a terrific time with our family. From the womb they have both reacted strongly to music. Israel used to jump around in my belly whenever there was music and today he still responds so strongly to when there is music in the home, car or whenever we are at church. Aubrey was literally bathed in worship music at the house of prayer all the time as she was in the womb. She has a different response than Israel though. Aubrey is busy moving all the time. When Kurto plays guitar or when she hears worship music it calms her and causes her to stop and listen intently. Israel becomes intrigued and really desires to jump in and get involved with all things musical. Here are some pics of the kids as babies lovin on their daddy and his guitar. I am so thankful for music and worship to be a part of our family.

and here is the boy all grown up trying desperately to be like his daddy and loving every minute of boy guitar time.


Danielle said...

Thanks for letting us peak into your life Katch. :)

Christina said...

are those white walls in your new place? can't be.... ;)

Leslie said...

oh we really are meant to be good friends... so so much in common I can't fully describe it.

Too funny...
so funny Ry is like Isreal
and Cade is like Aubrey..

love this little blog of yours, so glad you linked to it.

You are a beautiful mother Katchen, with a lovely heart.

and if watching our husbands worship the Lord wasn't a sweet enough sight.. isn't it good to watch our kids learn it too...


The McKays said...

I love the pics and how music is so much a part of your lives. It's very much the same for us too.