Saturday, November 21, 2009

things to ponder

This is my brain. (mental pic of eggs frying in a pan. remember that commercial? anyways you can see where this post is going.):
- birthday party today for my niece. I am wondering what do people do who live by family and lots of cousins? In KC this was not an issue as there was no fam around. I LOVE being by my family! I understand this is an incredible gift. but... what to do when there are three to four birthday parties a month? Every weekend a family something? How do I afford presents for all these parties? What are some suggestions? What does your family do?
- I really am getting antsy to put of Christmas decorations but am making myself keep my pumpkins up til Thursday. I am feeling a random surge to deep clean everything before putting up the Christmas clutter.
- what are other people's "rules" about playing with toys? Only in the kids room? A certain place for toys in the living room? Let the kids run wild? I am dealing with little toys from a five year old and it gives me a panic attack. I need some structure because of someone who loves marbles and legos to lick as much as her brother likes them to build.
- How much does the average family my size spend on groceries per week? Or per month? If the checkout lady at Trader Joes knows my name and what color balloon my child wants or gives me flowers because my grandma is dying this week does that mean that I probably didn't follow my budget this month on groceries?
- Do you know you can take a virtual tour of the Mayflower online?
- did you know that when I spell check this they think I am trying to say "Trader Jose's"? Did you know Trader Jose is a beer at trader joes? Did you know it is actually good? Did you know the flour at trader joes is called "Trader Joseph's" or that the clementines are called "Trader Josies"?


Jeff and Robin said...

We live close to my husband's family and my immediate family. There are birthday parties every week some months. It gets out of control. Our family rule is that we will attend all cousins birthdays, but excuse ourselves from cousins' kids' parties or cousins' spouses' family parties . (You following that one?) We also always bring a card for the adult's birthday. We have no young cousins, but for our nephews for Christmas we set a $10.00 limit. We can't afford a ton of gifts either.

In regards to groceries... I budget $150 every two weeks. I try to keep it under $100 so I can do a bread/milk run mid week. I also make my list and stick to it. Nothing extra, because if I didn't think of it at home, I probably don't need it!

Vanessa said...

Also I love you. And I miss you all!

Vanessa said...

Listen you. You're just gonna have to stop all this Trader Joe's talk! I am already aware of my lack of Trader Joe's. I come to your blog for laughter, comfort, and Weaver updates. Not to be painfully reminded of the fact that the nearest TJ's is 250 miles away.

The McKays said...

really, we need to hang out. my brain is like this all the time...we are kindred spirits. :) we LOVE Trader Jose's beer. It IS good and the cheapest around. Let's see, re: toys: we do have some in the living room and some in Maggie's room. Curren's room really is just a place to sleep; we all play together in the living room, or outdoors, or in M's room. but, i hear you on little toys and having babies around!

let's plan a time to hang out after thanksgiving.