Thursday, December 31, 2009


Today I am remembering all that 2009 brought our way. Kurto and I tell each other that Aubrey Lynn was the redeeming factor of 2009. Funny how God gives babies to lighten the load and bring laughter and smiles where there are sadness and trials. This hands down was the hardest year of our lives. We are thankful for his mercy and grace to sustain us. I can't even remember all the details. I just know that it has grown us closer to Jesus and closer to each other in deep ways that we are yet to even understand. I wanted to write some things down before I forget. I think I am tired just thinking about 2009.

Jan - Aubrey was born Jan 28th!

We were packing up our little love nest in Missouri. My mom spent a week with us and I have sweet memories of this first week as a family of four.
Feb - Israel, Aubrey & I leave on an airplane to CA. We cry our way out of MO and have a night of prayer and prophecy from the fma folks that I will never forget. Someone speaks over me that I am like an arrow being shot out into CA & that God will train me for war in the spirit like never before. They pray over Kurt. They pray over Izzy. They give kisses to Aubrey. I will never forget it. Such humble and powerful people.
March - Kurto drives cross country to CA with a friend. We move into our apartment in Laguna Niguel March 4th. We unpack and plan and dream about all God has in store for us here. March 17th I am submitted to Mission Hospital with intense pain. A week after being in the hospital I have surgery to remove my gallbladder. A week later I am released. That night I go back into the hospital with intense pain. I have severe pancreatitus. I go off all foods and liquids for many weeks.
April - I pace the halls of the hospital. I pray for others dying around me and feel so closely Jesus tangible compassion for the sick. A woman who plays the harp on Mondays comes close to my room and plays "as the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after thee..." I am so thirsty at this point of nothing to drink I begin to weep. I understood that day how much I need to thirst for God. I cry a lot. I feel sorry for myself. I stare at a single picture of my baby that is growing without me by her side. I miss her first Easter. I come near death literally. I have tubes and Iv's all over my body. Kurto was still unemployed. Israel was shaken from so much transition. I was missing my baby (who was so lovingly cared for by my mom who I can never thank enough). April was definitely the dark night of the soul.
May- I am now released from the hospital. I am slowly getting strength back. I am learning to be a vegetarian. I am learning to be a mom of two kids. Kurto is starting to work temporarily at a warehouse for minimal money. Sweating through. Working hard hard days. We are trying to figure out life in Orange County. Kurto begins to do sets at the house of prayer at Vinyard. We are slowly coming out of the cave.
June, July, August - Hard days of work for Kurto. Sweating it up in the warehouse. We are trying to survive financially, enjoying our kids, and clinging to family. We are beginning to dream about the call which brought us out here. The HOUSE OF PRAYER in OC. Israel turns 5.
September - Kurto gets hired on permanently at the warehouse company. We rejoice in his employment in this economy yet are beginning to feel the burden of months in the hospital and the move. Our dear friends move from Kansas City. We feel refreshed by their fellowship and vision. Israel starts public school kindergarten.
October - after a very hard month with Israel we decide to pull him from kindergarten. This was a very hard, thought out, prayed out decision. We begin home school. Sometimes the Lord leads us to areas and things we say we will never do. I am living that "thing" daily as I surrender Aubrey's lovely nap time for my child's kindergarten time. Israel starts Awanas & thrives!

We visit weekly with my grandma Dee and Kurt's grandma Virginia who has cancer. We love that God has allowed us this time with them both.
November - Kurt's grandma goes to be with the Lord.

The night of the funeral my grandma goes into the hospital. Although the doctors told us no more than two weeks she should be here, here we are at the brink of 2009 and she is still holding on. I visited her yesterday and she gave me a kiss and told me Israel's eyes were so blue.
We celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family.
December - I turn 29!

I got to celebrate 9 wonderful years with the love of my life by going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant where we were wearing flipflops and were appalled that a baked potato was 5dollars.

I did my first wedding flowers here in CA since moving here. Aubrey had her first Christmas and wore a red velvet dress with black patent leather shoes. And I am sad to even have to post about Kurto losing one of his dear friends and mentor Derek Loux a week ago. As I type Kurto is in KC getting ready for the funeral on Saturday.
What a year! But God is not surprised by anything. He is our sustainer. Our portion. and He will be for 2010 and eternity. May you be challenged next year. May your dark seasons become your heavenly inheritance as you pass through them with expectancy of encounter from the one who holds your life in the palm of His hands. Happy New Year everyone!

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Megan said...

Katchen, as I read this I was thinking of Paul. He was beaten, imprisoned and so much more but rejoiced for the fact that he could be a minister of the Good News! I love it that you have seen God's hand in your trials, and that you and Kurt are bringing glory to Him through it. May 2010 draw you closer to our Savior, no matter what our Lord has in store.