Saturday, December 26, 2009

An upside down week

As I'm wrapping up the Christmas season here (tree down today, cleaning out the clutter, giving my kids naps to calm down the craziness), I am so heavy hearted. This year has been one for the books. We have had more sadness this year. I told Kurto that Aubrey Lynn is the redeaming factor of 2009. I am so ready for 2010. Not that the calandar year matters. It is a new page in my mind. I need a new page in my heart. Kurto leaves this week for a conference in Kansas City. We thought he was going to be going for a week of refreshment and renewed vision to help us jumpstart the house of prayer out here. Turns out he is going for a funeral. Perhaps the refreshment and renewed vision will be birthed out of the comfort of the Holy Spirit and the legacy of the man we are celebrating in our hearts on January 2nd. A few days ago we got a phone call at 3ish am. The kind you never want to get. Kurto's mentor, father in the Lord, and dear friend had been killed in a car accident. This man was an incredible man who had such an impact on our family, the way that Kurt views the Father heart of God and the way that Kurt now fathers our children. Kurto worked with him for the last three years at the house of prayer, traveled with him, led worship with him and loved him. We are aching in our hearts for their entire family. Derek was the father of 10 children. He embraced the call to care for the widow and the orphan and took us on this journey of what the Bible calls true religion. We are forever changed. Please pray for their family. You can check out their story on their

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