Thursday, December 17, 2009

I was trying to take pictures today of what I Cor 13 meant to me in terms of being a mom. I was trying to capture all aspects of what love is as seen in my day. If I could have just stared at these blue eyes all day my goal would have been complete.

But my day started none the less...
Problem was I just couldn't get past the first verse. Love is patient. I started with the laundry.

Israel wanted to help. He is a great helper but as with all five year olds it takes way more time and 100 more questions. Love is PATIENT. Then there came the dishes,

playing the memory game and by 10am all I could get out of my brain was "LOVE IS PATIENT." How sad to never have gotten to the kind part. Today was really hard. I love my children. They love each other too.

In the midst of bottles,


tears, messes, and frustration

there were fun messes, and helpful smiles.

Israel is the best big brother these days.

and maybe there was even some webstreamin while I made a delux dinner of grilled cheese.

It was a mixed day and I am thankful for all things brought my way. I am sure of one thing:

Paul never homeschooled and changed diapers at the same time.

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Christina said...

i love these pictures and these kids!!!