Friday, December 04, 2009

Listening to the Holy Spirit is a daily fight and a daily enjoyment. I am so overwhelmed by the humility of the Holy Spirit. He consistently speaks to us whether we listen or not and more often times or not watches us take the credit for his ideas. He is our biggest ally between Jesus and the Father and yet we often don't even bother to give him two minutes of our day. These past few weeks have been so difficult here. Kurto reminded me of the kindness of the Holy Spirit and the joy we get if we pay close attention to his words. Back in November of 08 the Holy Spirit whispered something to Kurt. Although we moved back home to CA for many reasons (some now evident, some yet to be seen) we really based our move off of one small whisper. At the time Kurt was working with this family's amazing father Derek. Through his mentorship our family learned so many things. Part of what we gained from being around him and his family was a heart not only for orphans and adoption, but a heart for the widows. As we were taking steps to become more involved in his ministry the Holy Spirit whispered to Kurt, "why are you signing up to take care of widows when you have widows in your own family that you can care for? Go and take care of the widows in your own family".
Wow this was so powerful to us and we knew it was time to move home and be with our family. Kurt's grandma was a widow and lived close but Kurt's mom lived in Oregon so visiting her every week with a meal, flowers, or just to check in became priority and such a joy. My grandma was recently widowed and lived in the same city. Although she was well taken care of it was important to us to visit her weekly as well, love on her and spend time with her. For the past year we have been doing just that. It has been a blessing beyond words to spend time with these two women. Learning from them, laughing with them, loving them, taking care of them, and serving our families by helping them.
In the last two weeks Kurt's grandma Virginia went to be with the Lord. The night of her funeral my grandma went into intensive care unexpectedly and we are trusting the Lord with her daily breath of life but are preparing for a funeral soon. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for this past year living close to them. I am thankful for the Holy Spirit who in His kindness whispered to us a choice and a gift. I am thankful for my husband who listened to the Holy Spirit's small instruction and made such a big move for our family based on something that seemed menial. What a sovereign God we have. How humble and wonderful are the words of the Holy Spirit. What is He telling you to do today? How will you respond to even his little whispers?

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Katie said...

Katch - I just came by to check in and read the last few posts about your grandmas. You are so right about the bittersweetness of these events. Praise God Kurt's grandmother is with Him now!

What did you end up doing about the bread???