Thursday, December 03, 2009

what to do

I'm a bit crazy today. There is a lot going on. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally.
Please pray for me and my family. On a lighter note...

Israel was my big helper at Trader Joes today. He really wanted this bread. As I was getting some salsa he put it in the cart.
"Israel please put that back. We do not need that bread."

At that moment Israel made a very quick decision to disobey. I must say it was pretty quick thinking. (train of thought: if I take a bite of it we have to buy it.)

So my question is: do I throw the bread away? Do I cut it up and eat it in front of him for dinner? How do I use this as a good training example?
Oh and my garage looks like this. Wedding this weekend. And it is on my birthday. And I just did funeral flowers last week and possibly in the near future too. But that is for another sad post later on when I can catch my breath and figure out my little heart. For now just keep me in your prayers. And if anyone wants to come babysit tomorrow I'll pay you in Christmas garland. You know you want to...

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