Friday, January 08, 2010


So it is a backwards day. Just made dinner for breakfast. Makes me feel like a good wife when the house smells like bacon (for kurto). Sold some craigslist items. Aubrey and I sat outside and watched Israel razor around the parking lot today for about an hr. So I need some input. Kurto and I have to sign a lease by the end of the month. Here are our goals when we think of moving or staying:
Our rent has been offered to stay the same if we sign a year lease. I know we could find cheaper.
- save money (200 bucks a month cheaper means 2400 bucks over the next year. That is a lot of money!)
- factor in the cost of moving (moving is expensive). Although it is not cross country you still have start up fees for utilities, deposits, less deposit back here in our lame apartment for painting, cleaning etc.
- being closer to community of our church and house of prayer friends verses being close to kurt's work and my mom within walking distance
- a possible yard for izzy to play in (I'm finding some condos in capo beach with either a deck or a yard which is more than our parking lot we play in now)
- less space (we have a large 2bedroom here with garage. almost 1200sq ft. most 2 bedrooms don't have this
- i need a garage if I want to pursue flowers
- last move was terrible transition after we moved cross country. we haven't felt settled til recently. do I want to resettle again? For Israel's sake?
- my apartment is very dark downstairs. I have to turn on all the lights all morning. i like sunshine.

Help me out here. And if someone else mentions my house in mo being available although I know you love me just know that I am considering moving 5 minutes down the road only. and like I said before - it's jan and my kids are barefoot.

OK. I'm standing by for great ideas! and checking craigslist every five minutes. I'm a planner at heart and I love a great deal!


The McKays said...

katchen, you have to know that i truly feel your pain and questioning of yet another move (even if it's local); recently, i've been thinking the same thing myself! we've moved 5 times in the last 5 years, and i get all that comes with it. it totally sucks, even if there are benefits. I guess you have to weigh out 2 things first and foremost:

1) what to you and kurto value MOST currently in your lives?
2) what are you willing to sacrifice by NOT moving (not being as close to friends/church, not saving as much money, no yard, dark house)

in my heart and mind, after reading your list, i have to say that my gut reaction was: don't move. it's not a word from the Lord, but what DOES stand out to me in this post is the following: the last 12 months have seen an unprecedented amount of change in your family: a new baby, a move cross-country, health struggles for you, and family deaths. I just feel there is value in just resting and breathing in where you are currently located. no more packing, tape, boxes, start up costs, moving truck. no having to help your 2 children settle into to a new place.

instead, you can find new ways to maximize your space, hang new lighting (?), and like your new year's resolution, make use of the beach (and parks/trails) more. is that oversimplyfing? I'm not trying to, just thinking that moving really is traumatic on all involved (even in small ways). if you can avoid more transition in the next 12 months, i'd say shoot for that. then, plan to move a year from now.

will pray for wisdom! not sure if that was helpful, but wanted to jot down some thoughts. see you monday night? if you need a ride, give me a shout. i'll happily pick you up and take you home.

Jocelynalice said...

i'm always down for less money, more sun, and a yard. but that's just me. probably doesn't help much huh?

Ricci said...

My vote is STAY. I think the benefits of your larger place will enable you to have your flower business (which you are soooo good at) and the space to breathe. We lived in 840 sq. feet for 2 years and it was rough, no place to play inside! Whatever you pray about and feel at peace about is what you should do, but moving is a hassle with kiddos.

Katie said...

Hmm... "Mom within walking distance" might seal the deal for me to stay put. :)

In all seriousness, I jive with the wisdom Suzanne had to offer. Lots of upheaval recently, esp. in Israel's life!