Saturday, January 16, 2010

Good morning heavy thoughts

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in..."
Matt 25:35

I have lots of thoughts this morning. Most having to do with orphans. Babies. Kids sleeping in the streets in Haiti. Thirsty. Hungry. Most of us can say we have been hungry before. Perhaps we were fasting. Perhaps we didn't make it to Trader Joes. Perhaps we just didn't want anything from our abundance. I doubt anyone has really ever gone hungry before. But thirsty. That is an entirely different game. Has anyone really ever gone thirsty before? Let me tell you. Going thirsty is completely terrible and mental as well. While in Mission Hospital the only thing that helps a crazy pancreas is to not eat or drink. Not water. Not ice. For two weeks I was denied even ice chips. Although I had an iv for fluids the thirst remains. I wanted a drop of water so badly. I can remember crying when the doctor signed off I could suck on a half of cup of ice chips for the entire day. I sobbed the day they brought me a cherry Popsicle. Called my mom. Sobbing. I learned what it means to be truly thirsty and it is terrible. I am thinking about that thirst this morning as I decide if I should have coffee, orange juice, bottled water, the list goes on. So what can I do about my thoughts this morning? I can pray. I can choose to look at the pictures. Listen to the news. Allow the suffering to be made into a conscious reality of my heart to bring me to a place that causes me to pray and act in whatever ways I can help. I am also stirring up a resolution to get things in order. I want to be able to be a responder in tangible ways. There is a ministry that Kurto and I fully back. They are amazing. They are on the ground in Haiti as we speak doing search and rescue. I have prayed with these people and some day I hope to work with them. Please check out their sight and ministry. Please help. Remember the thirsty. Remember the weak. Remember the orphan.
here is a tangible way to walk out matt 25. go here.

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