Thursday, January 21, 2010

getting focused

I am making a schedule.

Because I don't want to be a slave to the urgent (the laundry piled up, bills, dishes etc.), to laziness (wanting to vedge out after putting the kids to bed because, being too exhausted to do what empowers my heart) & to my emotions (doing fun things or spontaneous things because of escaping the mundane things that I need discipline to do).

Because time is destiny. Destiny is time. My hour a day wasted = wasting my destiny = being accountable to God for each hour = being accountable to God for wasting my destiny that He has created for me.

Because I want to be alive in my spirit. I want to have a freedom in each moment to enjoy what I am doing (& have joy doing the things I do not want to be doing).

Because I want to give my children my full attention.

Because I want my children to know that their mommy has authority in the home. That I answer my time and such to another authority besides myself. That they must do the same.

Because there are things God has placed deep in my heart that are neglected during this "mommy season". God has not put these callings on hold. He desires me to embrace them in tangible ways while being a mother!

Because I want my daughter to recognize and learn that her destiny in God is exciting and glorious and not set it aside for the calling of "motherhood". Motherhood is just another venue to learn and embrace meekness & servanthood.

Because God desires my time & I desire Him.


Caitlen said...

Love, love, love these thoughts and convictions.

Danielle said...

Way to go Katch!

lacey said...

just linked to your wonderful blog from pleated glad I did! would you care to share your Bible study note that you offered her. thanks and blessings

Leslie said...

this my friend is exactly what I needed to read... love this post. A lot. Thanks for getting me thinking.