Monday, January 25, 2010

dessert, Holy Spirit & babies. I love them all

This time last year I couldn't see my toes. These booties are covering the sweetest baby's toes. Toes that are now painted hot pink in honer of her birthday week!

Aubrey Lynn turns one this week & I love her more than ever! She is soft and squishy and delicious! & speaking of which did you know that dessert has two "s" because you always want more. Desert (cactus and such) has one "s". Just in case you were wondering. Today was a great day. Yesterday Kurto and I wrote out our schedules and today we tackled them. At least the Monday part. But you know what is the best part? You think that having a schedule puts strings and tricky messes over your time that makes you feel claustrophobic right? WRONG! Having a schedule is so much freedom! It really was freeing for me today to sit down in the middle of my mess and write out my school week for Izzy. Then I made cookies with Israel and we played outside. Dinner was made and eaten as a family. Kurto is out with Izzy at the pool & I am lost in blogland happily with my upstairs looking like a train wreck. Why? Because I know I did what i was called to do today. And another side note about schedules: here is a big secret nobrainer - people come before schedules. If I have a perfectly kept schedule but cut off relationships in the process than I have failed in keeping with the Gospel. The Gospel is very inconvenient and often times there are things, family, friends or strangers that interrupt my day and that is OK. The schedule is there to create a band of discipline and the Holy Spirit is there to interrupt at any time. My job is to be disciplined enough to get through my schedule diligently and flexible enough to be joyfully interrupted. And speaking about being flexible we are moving at the end of the month. It has been a very thought out prayed out whined out decision. And by whined out I mean me whining to Kurto a lot. But the Lord has clearly spoken to us once again and we are on the move. Last march we were moving from missouri to california with a two week old baby girl. This March we are moving cities. There are numbers of reasons but they are all not as important as the fact that March first we are out! Please keep us in prayer!

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Jeff and Robin said...

Where are you moving to now? Great post. I completely agree... desserts, schedules, all of it.