Thursday, February 04, 2010

hacking up a lung

Hacking up a lung is better than getting a lung drained out of fluid. Trust me on this one. I remember it well. and for all my barfing phobias I still can't believe I asked to see the jar. Anyhow on a not so disgusting note the day is ending better than it started. And it started out better than yesterday ended. Yesterday is a blogworthy day however so I shall start with that.
Yesterday I decided that being the confident mother I am with my well behaved perfect children I could most definitely go to the dmv and get my registration and drivers licence no problem. I headed down to San Clemente.
9:45 got in line
10:00 talk guy next to me makes a joke about having to come back after waiting two hours yesterday for not having his insurance card
10:00-10:15 panic as I can't find MY insurance card. It has Kurt's name on it. Not mine. Call my insurance. Get insurance faxed to dmv. Freak out.
10:20: get to the front of the line and get told to drive my car around back where a nice man will inspect my car because I'm out of state.
11:00 finally get my car inspected. Get back in line again. (pack/unpack kids & stroller again)
11:15 sit down with a ticket "G76"
12:45 "mom this taste like a rolly polly is in my mouth" - can anyone guess what I was frantically feeding my child at this point?
12:50 Hear my number and jump for joy. Gather my things and go to window "6". Looking at my ticket again and the man in front of me I realize I am supposed to go to window "8". I go to the window next to me and sigh a big relief and put all my papers in front of me while the lady talks to someone behind her.
12:52 the lady who is about to help me stands up.
12:53 tears
12:54 the lady tells me she is running behind and is going to lunch. I wasn't fast enough to her window.
12:55 I hold up my crying baby. In her face. I start to cry. I beg.
12:56 more begging as she hands me a NEW NUMBER!
12:57 I try to explain to Israel why we are sitting down again. I explain to the lady next to me about my baby crying and my son eating an entire box of tictacs.
1:15 I get helped. I hand over my entire life savings. I pay my fines for being from Missouri. I get a hole punched in my licence.
1:30 I sweat bullets as I try and take a driving test while feeding Aubrey a bottle. Izzy is tearing off a part of the desk. Izzy is also hacking up a lung and coughing all over everything.
1:45 I leave the dmv.

The story only continues. Tomorrow maybe. Lets just say I am so glad to be done and to get home and give my children a bath. I just love it when Izzy gets to play on the floor of the government offices. Awesome day. Awesome!


Christina said...

Maybe someone should babysit your kids at home next time you go to DMV! if i was there i sure would watch them for you! xoxo

Danielle said...

You are amazing Katchen Weaver and quite entertaining too!