Sunday, February 07, 2010

praying for the dmv. I'm for reals.

This is the place for much correction, frustration, grumpiness & renewed hope. This is my cities DMV.

I woke up the morning after having gone to the dmv with a very vivid dream. I felt the fear of the Lord tremendously. I have my reasons for having a grumpy attitude after the dmv. They are rooted in sinfulness when it all boils down to it. I believe that I am allowed frustration. But frustration walked out in anger (in my words or disposition) is sin. Frustration turned into prayer is the only solution. Back to my dream. In my dream I was prayer leading at Friday night. (the house of prayer set we do on Friday nights in San Clemente) As I got up to pray I started interceding for the dmv in San Clemente. I had clarity on the importance of holding ALL government offices in prayer. In the dream I was praying that life would be spoken over all the people that worked their. I realized that everyone that walks into the dmv always is angry and frustrated and therefor speaks out in their frustration and speaks hatred and anger against the dmv & in my dream it was as though dmv translated government. By speaking hatred towards the dmv we were speaking curses over the government. This might sound radical but the truth is that as I prayed in the dream opposite things in a spirit that speaks blessing over our government and truth and light and life to break in with the Gospel, light appeared all through the dmv and broke in on so many levels in the city of San Clemente. It was a powerful overflow effect and justice and areas of government were brought to effect in San Clemente starting with the dmv. As I was praying the thought was brought to me that it was like the talents that Jesus spoke of in Matt 25. I thought if the white house was entrusted to our city as our government office we would treat it differently than we treat the dmv. But the truth is that they are both representations of our government. The government that God has so graciously placed over our nation. The government that God desires to break in with his truth to create changes that turn our nation to repentence and prayer in this critical hour. It really is a test for us in how to love our government at every level and pray for it with earnest in every level.

"His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' Matt 25

I believe that my dream was a rebuke and a challenge to my heart. I also saw it as an encouragement. It showed the possibilites of God's mercy and kindness to break into our cities and our government. So let us pray for our government. Our officials. Let us be set apart and speak blessing where there are curses and love where there is hatred. A really easy way I have found to incorporate this into my day is to set my homepage to this. From there I can click on my state and pray for my senators and congressmen by name. I can take one state daily or I can focus on my state for the month. The point is that it has made a tangible way for me to pray specifically for my government officials.

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Leslie said...

what an awesome way to be reminded to pray for our country.... I believe I will follow you in this... fantastic...

also I put up the second part of the tutorial with the final pics. I have lots more valentine decor going on in our house today... for a party tomorrrow..

let me know if you need more inspiration... I found a bunch of thins online...
praying Sunday is a beautiful service for her.