Tuesday, March 02, 2010

learning to love

I can't believe it is March already! Kurto & I are doing well. We are slowly getting settled here in Capo Beach. We turned in our keys to the old place (after repainting the entire thing to get our deposit back) and are so thankful to the Lord for placing us here. We feel connected to our friends whom we are doing the house of prayer here with. I can't stress enough the impact on community living has had in our hearts, our accountability to live the gospel each day, encouragement to press us forward, the continual challenging of 'iron sharpening iron', and the way in which I have seen I Cor 13 walked out on practical levels of everyday helping serve one another. What a blessing! And speaking of blessing...

Kurt Michael is pretty amazing these days. I got this picture from way back when we were first dating. I am honored and amazed to be his wife. I love how the Lord is continually refining us. Continually challenging us to love each other in new ways. The other day at the wedding I was moved by the vows. "in sickness and in health. for better for worse." Kurto & I have truly walked through those vows this year. When you say them you don't really have a grasp for being out of work & not knowing. You can't picture holding your spouses hand in the hospital not understanding. You can't fathom a young friend dying and comforting each other in unspeakable grief. But the vows are true and deep. God has helped us walk out our vows this year for sure more than ever. I am overwhelmed by the Lords kindness and the way he teaches us to love.

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