Friday, April 02, 2010

Easter Eggs & the tooth fairy all in one weekend!

I realize I haven't posted in a while. My power cord went out to my computer. My camera battery fell into the abyss of moving boxes. My mind has been preoccupied with kindergarten math. So this weekend I have some blogging resolutions but for now I thought I would share two things. First Izzy lost a tooth last night. He came downstairs and said "mom, dad, I have something really important to tell you..." It was so sweet. I love five year olds with no teeth! The second is regarding Easter. Kurto & I really wanted to get Israel to grasp the holiday with a sense it being more than candy and easter eggs. We also wanted to teach him the story of the crucifixion. We also wanted it to be realistic to a five year old with a missing tooth. So for Izzy & a few of his friends I did a project. I grabbed 8 plastic easter eggs. Each day I wrote out a verse from the book of Matthew starting with Palm Sunday. You could choose any verse or make it as deep or simple as you want. Then I placed little objects into the eggs to represent that verse or section of the story. Each day we have been reading the verses together. Then Izzy tries to guess what is in the eggs. Each day we review the previous eggs. It has been powerful. The questions Izzy asks are really awesome. He is learning the truth about why we celebrate Easter, & still having Easter fun. I give him jelly beans as incentive to answer questions too. The point is though he really knows the story. He really is thinking about Jesus. He asks me things through out the day about the whys and the hows and the emotions Jesus must have felt etc. It has been a beautiful way to interact with Israel & something that will be a yearly tradition.
Things I put into the eggs:
Palm Sunday: palm leaves (Jesus enters Jerusalem)
Monday: 30 dimes (30 pieces of silver Matt 26:6-14)
Tuesday: cheerios (communion Matt 26:17-30)
Wednesday: a dried flower (Gethsemane Matt 26:36-55)
Thursday: piece of red cloth (Jesus before Pilot Matt 27:1-2, 15-31)
Friday: nails (crucifixion Matt 27:32-61)
Saturday: a stone (the tomb is guarded Matt 27:62-66)
Sunday: empty egg like the empty tomb! (resurrection Matt 28)

Have a nice good Friday remembering Jesus and His precious gift to mankind.

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Caitlen said...

Love it! It is so important to teach the little ones about Christ and what He did and does for us!