Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A calorie free recipee & view of my kitchen

my big helper

this piece I got from my mom. I painted it aqua & it holds all things passed down and dear to me

this is my table that connects to the family room. I just found the light up globe at a thrift shop. I love it at night a & Israel loves to study & look at it. The mirror is from my neighbor. Thanks Wendy. The glass jars I bought at an adoption garage sale in KC & filled them with agates from my favorite Sinclair Island. The flowers are from Trader Joes for my tea last week.

In honor of it being May & that Julia Weissmann was born in the month of April & that I am late in making these this year I have decided to share the best recipe in my file. I just love the fact that I have a regularly scheduled cream puff date each spring. All thanks can go directly to Julia Weissmann & her birthday.

I double the recipe. For me it makes 10 puffs. The following directions have already been doubled to fill & frost 10 puffs.
Ok so after you make the puffs you then do the following:
In one bowl mix 2 boxes of instant vanilla pudding but be sure to use only half of the milk that it says to use. Then in a separate bowl mix 1 pint whipping cream and 4 tbl. powdered sugar. This step is important. Otherwise if you mix the powdered sugar straight into the pudding it is lumpy! Then mix all together. Fill the shells. Then on the shell tops that you have lopped off frost with the following:
3 cups powdered sugar, 2 tbl melted butter, 1tbl vanilla, 2 tbl. milk, & cocoa to desired chocolaty goodness.

Oh my goodness I hope everyone loves these! Glad I only make them once a year. They break the diet bank for sure!

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