Thursday, June 03, 2010

old things new

These past few weeks I have been working on my moms old dresser that she had from childhood. I usually just whip out the spray paint and go for it but I am really trying to learn the value of time spent on a nice piece of furniture. The Lord knows that I love furniture & paint & sharing His love for others. How nice he gave me a property manager that I can do all three with! My property manager is one of those gruff on the outside, long ponytail, hippie painter. He is kind on the inside though and I have been able to share the gospel with his girlfriend this week & pray for her. He saw me painting the dresser and in his kindness taught me how to sand the top properly, coat it, sand it again, gel stain it etc. I love how it turned out. Please pray for their salvation. I am sending them baked goods often. I often wonder how many souls have been saved through chocolate chip cookies and the quiet but powerful witness of the gospel shared through the relationship loving our neighbors. Anyhow on to the dresser. I stained and sanded the top and painted and distressed the bottom.


Jeff and Robin said...

Love, love, love. I am having slight furniture-painting-skills envy. Care to put up a tutorial? I don't even know how to gel anything but hair... and that hasn't been since the early 90s. Those bangs were killer.

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness! Beautiful!!!
definitely worth doing the "right" way!