Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Choosing JOY in the mess

This month has been a bit crazy. I find that when I get pressed for time or lack of control over things I do what any normal person would do. For instance when my dishes are dirty & I find that my kitchen is not organized like it should be I take out everything and paint the inside of my cabinets. That was actually last month. This month I have reverted to my label maker. Many would ask why label a clear container that is obviously brown sugar? I have no reply other than you just don't understand. I would show you pictures of my new creative organized things and spaces but my hard drive crashed two days ago. Yes it has been that kind of month. Crown on my tooth, car repairs, renter issues in MO & my computer too. But I am choosing joy. and my label maker. This week I labeled all of my chargers. Kurto & I have a bin on the desk and it has driven my crazy. Now they are labelled on the plug part things like Kurts cell, battery charger, leapster, etc. It makes me happy. On another random thing. What do parents out there do with climbers? As in Aubrey climbs on every surface possible? I have recently lost some poundage and I am starting to wonder whether my diet success is actually diet related or just a result of having a psycho crazy active daughter who tried to climb up the back of the stair rail or stomps on top of the kitchen table this week to name a few. Even at Costco this week she was saved by the check out guy who literally caught her as she climbed out of her straps and halfway out of the cart. I have put a tall baby gate up in her room as I am sure she will be climbing out of her crib any day. These are my thoughts as of late. Oh and I'm reading through song of Solomon right now. It is so refreshing and wonderful. Ok that's it on the crazy front.


Christina said...

song of solomon! :) hehehe i remember when we first talked about that bool! ;)

Marci Lewellen said...

I love you friend... Aubrey just needs to be around me and Arwen a while... My mom said one day she looked out the window one day when I was like 5 and saw me walking on the top of the swing set -balancing my way across the full size swing set. :) Someone else told me that when I had a just moved to Ohio (around 6 years old) I was insistent that my goal was to climb every tree the whole state :)

I miss you guys!