Monday, June 14, 2010

Cowboy & Capo

Two weeks ago I begged Kurto to let me bring home a new kitten from Capo Beach. Someone was giving them away & I am in need of something little that needs my attention and wants to cuddle. Lord knows Aubrey is none of those however cute she may be a cuddler she is not. Anyhow I told Kurt that we "got the kitten for his birthday so he could name her." Her name is Capo. Our old fat cat cowboy was disturbed for two days. He slowly got into the fact that he likes company. He now has taken over all duties as capo's mother. He carries capo down the stairs in his mouth, gives her baths, plays with her and as of this week snuggles with her. It is all I could have hoped for in bringing in a new kitty with an old. Cowboy is such a natural at nurturing that we have even began questioning him being a cowBOY. If we didn't know any better. We think capo is about 8 weeks old. She is all grey even her nose and paws. Aubrey loves her even more than cowboy and wakes up mewing for capo. Our house is crazy but fun.

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Vanessa said...

Oh! Can you please, PLEASE post a picture of Cowboy carrying Capo down the stairs in his mouth?!!!!