Saturday, June 05, 2010

the color of happy

I have always loved aqua. I can tend to go a bit nuts over the color. I remember being a little girl and loving it. I always tend to pick out my shirts this color, paint this color and really love my aqua cake plate. Anyhow I'm not the only one. My great grandmother loved aqua even more than I did. I have her painting above my bed that is all aqua tones of a beautiful river. She had aqua walls, an aqua candy dish that always had m&m's in it & I can still smell her oil of olay face and see her in her aqua velour sweat suit. She even decorated her white flocked Christmas tree aqua. I think it must be genetic. So the other day when my mom gave me GG's beautiful aqua necklace I couldn't help but feel connected and loved. I wore it today for a baby shower and felt happy so happy. Thanks mom. I love the beads. It just goes to show that one doesn't need to pass down diamonds and expensive jewels to make something of value. Sometimes you just need some aqua bling.


Anonymous said...

A "little" nuts babe? If they sold aqua appliances we would have them.

Ricci said...

It has always been your color! Great necklace, very you, fun to have something like that in common with your gram!