Saturday, July 10, 2010

june glooom

random life here. Israel my big swimmer, kitties playing, my fourth of July table, Israel & Aubrey's beds and a sunset from my front yard. Happy summer folks...

I can't complain. It is record heat in some parts of the country & here I find that it is foggy til about 4pm everyday. I love living by the coast. I feel so spoiled here. My blog has had lack of activity as my brain has been on a spiral of crazy thoughts and endless chatter around the house. Aubrey Lynn is a complete joy & a crazy climber. She has now climbed to the top of the kitchen table, the top of the couch, out of her crib & her favorite up the back banister of the stairs. What do I do with that? She plays this game of getting her chub stuck in her crib bars & then screaming at the top of her lungs. It really does hurt I'm sure but she does it to get out of naps. I go upstairs get her legs out, rub the red spots, tell her to lay down, wait five minutes, repeat process. It is terrible & I'm at a loss of what to do. Israel is coming alive in his little personality. I often times wonder where my shy boy went. I remember praying when he was little and throwing up on people out of fear to be with others that the Lord would give back seven times seven what the enemy had stolen from Izzy & that he would be able to love being around others. Well the Lord is faithful to his words in the scripture. Izzy loves all people & loves conversation with adults especially. My day starts at 6am with talking talking talking and NEVER stops. We are now teaching self control on this area. He is fascinated by life & I never want to stifle this or make him feel shame in talking too much or asking to much. I am however an introvert by the kids bedtime due to excessive conversations conserning the moon, star wars, citrus fruit, lawn mowers and gumballs, and Jesus ruling from Jerusalem, just to name a few from today. Anyone else have some talkers? I'm thinking these type of kids make for really fun teenagers... on another note of random Aubrey loves kitty crumbles. Thats all for now. Happy Saturday. I'm off to get a crown on my tooth.


The McKays said...

beautiful pics! i still would love to hang out one of these days... :)

where did the kids' artwork over their beds come from?? it's awesome!

Vanessa said...

Wow. It's tough to be you. ; )