Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my pocket. my brain.

This week is basketball camp. My brother-in-law is hosting a camp for basketball. He is a great coach & Israel is having such a great time. He runs around for three hours and then on the way home I get to have conversations like this:
"mom did you know that the Celtics H A T E the Lakers? Cause they do."
" Mom I got to meet a real Laker. I touched his ring."
"High knees is when you lift your knees up high."
"The drills of dribbling and stuff I got them down."
He is so funny! He is funny to watch too. He tries so hard, loves to get an Otter pop from Auntie Heidi at the end & every day tells me how "parched & thirsty mom I am DYING" only because he knows that Auntie also sells poweraid at the snack bar. The past few days I have given him water when he says that and he gives me the most shocked look. It is awesome.
Aubrey on the other hand has been a complete disaster this week. She has fallen asleep in the car each day which means she does not transfer which means she turns into turbo speed spaz with no nap who stays up til 8 or 9 each night. This in turn means that my house is a disaster and my laundry is piled up high in my kitchen. Which leads me to my next thought.

A crunched cheese puff, poker chip, keys, aubrey clip, bobby pin, Lego tree & Lego sword. Fun fun.
Bobby Brady. Remember the episode where he empties his pockets and finds a kazoo and such? I thought I would show you what was in the pockets of just ONE load of laundry today. Good thing I was doing whites and threw in my shorts because I would have been psycho looking for my keys tomorrow morning.

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