Monday, August 09, 2010

Now about that cake...

Sunday was Israel's birthday. He turned six! He had such a special day. He went to Sunday school and came home to a lunch of his special request: bean tacos, Gatorade & lemon bars. He got many special presents namely star wars and Lego stuff. And to top off the day we played uno at Izzy's request for a birthday treat. He is such an amazing child. I think I could write an entire post on funny things he says and the way that he is passionate about singing and the Lord and just overall what a goofy, lovable, artistic son he is. Today when I asked him if he wanted an artichoke with his daddy for dinner he said the following: "no mom I think I'm ok. I tried one back in the 60's and it wasn't that great." I LOVE this boy!
Along with lemon bars Izzy also requested a special star wars cake. Being the awesome cake extraordinaire I thought I'd whip up Yoda no problem. My take on the cake is that it looks like it needs a cigar coming out of his mouth. It looks awful in a picture but to see it in real life was classic. Israel thought it looked creepy. Happy Birthday Izzy!
I told you it was bad. I bet you didn't expect it to be this terrible. I'm thinking of contacting the cake wrecks web sight and letting them know they have the new front and center for their magazine. This was a loving effort gone terribly terribly wrong. Happy Birthday Israel. Mommy loves you even though the cake looks like a creepy Frankenstein when grandpa cut off the ears.

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