Thursday, August 12, 2010

painting and homeschool... oh and borrowing 3 eggs

and just for kicks here is Izzy playing basketball at camp. Isn't he cute?
So this week has been very very fun. We have been finishing up summer school home school (because we started homeschooling Israel a bit into the year) and have also been swimming daily. Today I decided to be productive and clean out my fridge to make use of what I had, make some dinners to freeze & use up the random ingredients in a game I like to call "hopefully Kurt buys that this is really a dinner and not leftovers refrozen". Anyhow I think I defeated the purpose of being frugal and using what I had when I had to call my neighbor to borrow three eggs. My kitchen now looks like WillyWonka's chocolate factory secret lab which we actually watched last night. Anyone else remember the chicken's head getting cut off and Mr. Wanka singing about hell's fury on the boat ride? Not so much? Me neither, but Israel really seemed to enjoy that part. I have also been painting a lot lately. I know everyone is shocked by this. The past month I have painted the garage floor, the garage cabinets, a toy chest, bench for the kitchen table and a bar stool. It has been so fun to create order and prettiness out of nothing. I also have been reading so much about homeschooling and gearing up for the fall. I have a post in the back of my brain sharing my heart about choosing this journey for Israel (and therefore banishing myself to the kitchen table with flashcards, star wars erasers and basic readers) but that will come when I can first conquer my dishes. Now I am off to tie bows for my night time new job helping out a friend package her beautiful essential oils. Go check out her site! They are amazing. I now am an official essential oil user and I couldn't be prouder. (I first just had to figure out how to use them, what they are for & why all my smart friends have been using them forever). I chose the aroma lime and i love the way it smells so fresh in my home. Ok I'm off and running... Aubrey is a spaz tonight because she a)got shots today b)just realized Kurto is home and is screaming his name over and over and over c)takes after me and is a spaz by nature.

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Brooke Goodman said...

Hi Katchen,
You probably don't remember me, but I remember you from "the Underground"! I found your blog by reading Katie Varela's blog. I am writing because I would love to talk with you about homeschooling and hear about your journey. I am interested in researching it this year (my son is starting public kindergarten in Ladera Ranch next month). I have a 3 year old and a 4 month old as well. I am so busy, but love the idea of homeschooling at some point. Could you email me?
Brooke Goodman