Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Heavenly Man

Last night our church hosted brother Yun also known as "The Heavenly Man". I had always wondered why he was called this. It is because when he was arrested in China after being chased and wanted for 10 years the policeman after beating him asked him his name. As the Holy Spirit fell upon him he cried out "I am the heavenly man. I reside in the city of Gospel. My mothers name is hope, love, faith. My older brother is coming very soon. (I can't remember what he said his father's name was). It was so very powerful, moving & incredibly sobering. His book is available almost anywhere and I can't recommend it enough. I have heard of him for a long time but never read his book. I have just begun it and love it immensely. He was freed from jail by angels, had Jesus appear to him & truly is an amazing testimony of Jesus. He spoke of the importance of memorizing scripture, training children to memorize scripture and how in his original meetings he would call people to come to the new believers class. "Come memorize the book of Matthew in the next 4 days". I cannot say enough. Go read the book! Powerful! The God of the New Testament is the same God of today!

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Christina said...

that is so awesome Katch!!!!! i love <3 his book, it was life changing! I shall have to get the DVD or audio from VCC