Tuesday, September 07, 2010

This made me laugh.

Today I am so tired. I have been so blessed by the webstream. It is now free at ihop.org. You can go scroll down and choose between worship with the word, intercession and it is so so good for your soul to be refreshed. We have had it on practically all day and it really has helped me chug through this day. School has started here and it is sort of like pulling teeth. We have put down some new rules. I have drank more coffee than normal. Aubrey cut a molar today. I went to target and Henry's while Israel played with a friend. I am so thankful for that time but to the mother who will remain anonymous I have only one question. Mud trains? Really? Now I am the super uncool and unfair mother who does not let her son play with the hose in the garden with trains and tracks and "mud cargo". Thanks for that. It has been an awesome day. And for all those wondering Target does not yet have any candy corn. And at long last as I was editing photo's last night from 2008 (don't ask) I came across this one and it made me laugh. Happy Tuesday that felt like Monday folks. We're having cereal for dinner.

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