Wednesday, October 27, 2010

how two kids share a room

I often get asked how in the world do two kids share a room being different ages and different sexes. I have really been working hard on getting systems down on how this works as trial and error have been the means to figuring this out. Recently we moved out all the toys. Amen. Then we put in all the books and a comfy chair that my neighbor gave to us. This has really impacted our bedtime routine. I realized that I rarely read to Aubrey the way I read to Israel. Now that the books are out and easily accessible I read to her way more. I also wanted Israel to be able to make his bed and feel successful at cleaning up his room independently. With the toys out and his clothes at his level, a basket for dirty clothes and no toys it really makes it simple to clean his room. We do have a puzzles and board games in the hall right next door so often we pull one out and play on the rug. This room has become a calm and wonderful environment for both kids. I love it. I chose bright colors to make it neutral and still went for girly for Aubrey and boyish for Iz.
I put up this holder for bathing suits, socks, shoes & hats. Aubrey only has a pj drawer so this makes it easy to store stuff

I keep all of Aubrey's clothes hung up except pants. I have a bin below where I put things that don't fit any more in. When it is full I wash everything in the bin and either pass it down or store it for later use (maybe) =-)

Israel is not neglected. His clothes are either in the wash or in the bottom two drawers. Only tshirts get hung up. This makes it really easy to put away and for him to get dressed. I don't save any of his clothes. Its either goodwill or pass down.
I keep two boxes for cards, special awards, ribbons and treasures for each child. This is seperate from artwork that is stored in the garage. Mostly holiday cards, notes, prophetic things written down for them, a signed baseball, things like that that parents ususally throw away or don't know where they should go. My mom did this for me and I remember looking through so many cards from childhood and feeling so loved from grandparents and such. Anyhow that is that.

Our reading corner is pretty fancy. A baby blanket that was Kurt's. Books that are so wonderful to me. Some are from when I was little. Duh the fish. The picture is my dad's hand with Israel's hand as a baby. There is a scripture about generations being blessed by the Lord. It is my favorite thing in the room.

Israel has his tiger on his bed. When Aubrey sees a tiger she doesn't say tiger she says "bob".
and these two little hooks. So fun & simple. One for each.

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