Monday, October 25, 2010


feels like I haven't posted in a while. A lot going on around here but sometimes I think there is nothing worth blogging about. My days have seemed full of cleaning, school for Israel, cleaning, working, discipline, blah blah blah. Sometimes life is mundane and faithfulness is the fruit of day in and day out. I read somewhere this week in regards to marriage "first one to the cross wins". I love this. It has really challenged me in my usual first reactions and caused me to stop and ponder the spiritual reality of every being purposeful in every decision. Speaking of "every decision" here is Israel (aka "please don't call me Izzy, Izzybuns, Iz, or IzzybunsMichael Weaver anymore because God named me Israel and I'm not really up for nicknames anymore")

Isn't ISRAEL just delightful in this picture? I'de like to think its because we just learned he is farsighted and needs glasses hence the squint but I'm pretty sure that is not a squint but a nasty look from a six year old whose lego castle just broke. I'll let you guess who this girl is that possible broke the said lego castle.

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