Wednesday, November 10, 2010

glasses & levers

Last week Israel got glasses. I absolutely LOVE him when he wears them. They are so so cute & really have helped him already. Israel takes a music class on Fridays and the teacher noticed he might be having a hard time seeing the notes. I took him in and sure enough he is farsighted which means that he can't really see anything up close well. When he first put them on he said "Mom everything looks so big. Wow I can read really fast!" I am so thankful the teacher noticed! I have noticed a big improvement on his reading already too. The funniest thing was the first day he wore them at home he put them on and started doing math with a British accent. He cracks me up! I have noticed that Israel is transitioning into a real kid and not a child really any more. I guess what I mean is that he demands more from me on discipline with his remarks and attitude but less on the repetitive chores, routine and daily discipline that I find myself engrossed in with Aubrey. I can see fruit in his heart of the years of training and I am so thankful. He is a TALKER for sure. We have been out late at church the last few nights with all the IHOPers here. It has been amazing and we have been trying to soak it all in. The other night at 11pm Israel got in the car from being picked up and talked the entire way home! Thirty minutes of talking at such a late hour. He is always asking, always talking, always trying to take things apart, always wanting to cook with me, always just being Israel. I love him so so much! Israel was out in the garage singing his heart out... "God is a lever, looking for a lever, so he fashioned me..."
"Israel did you just say lever?" "Yes mom. God is a lever. You know he wants us to be levers too."
Izzy could it be that God is a lover and is looking for a lover to love him back? That God loves us with everything he is and is looking for people to love him back with everything in their whole heart?"
"Mom that sounds kinda lame. He just wants control of the lever"


Christina said...

that is too funny! He just wants control of the lever!

Danielle said...

Your blog makes me so happy.