Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

It has been such a busy, delightful, and crazy month. With so many events it feels like I could have had a post every single day. We moved right before the first. Packed on a Friday moved on a Saturday kind of move. We also had the loss of Kurt's grandfather. Losing a grandparent I have decided is especially hard because it not only is a loss of a dear loved one it almost seems to be a loss of one's childhood in a sort of way. He was the last grandparent left on either side and it was hard. The rest of the month was spent unpacking at a slow slow pace, working at a very fast pace, and trying to make Christmas traditions and enjoy the holidays with the kids. We managed to do most things and for the first time I am not ready to take down my Christmas tree the day after Christmas. We'll see. More post to come as the new year starts. I love the beginning of the new year. I am starting this week to make some new years vision and mission statements for my kids as the Lord leads. I'll write more on this later for anyone who wants to join in. For now I'll leave with Israel & Aubrey wishing you a very merry Christmas!

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