Thursday, January 06, 2011

Miss Aubrey Lynn

(a look back from Dec to Jan of 2010)

When praying over Aubrey Lynn this last week I was asking the Lord for something that would jump out at my heart. Something that would serve as a reminder to me each day to train her in wisdom and understanding. The Lord spoke something so simple I almost dismissed it. The word he gave for Aubrey Lynn this year to work on was "affection". Sometimes we look for something to train our children out of (ie bad behavior or something we see needs improvement) rather than something we need to train our children into (ie. fruits of the spirit or something positive). The Lord reminded me to do a few things. Love her. Give her lots of praise. Touch her hair, face, and hold her hand. Look her in the eyes. Train her to trust in the affection of a God who made her perfect, whole & beautiful. She is so full of beans and wiggles that it is hard to just sit and cuddle her. I also did not nurse her like I did Israel. She does not easily sit and receive affection, or care to be held but I am determined that although she does not easily receive it physically that emotionally and spiritually she would have full confidence that she is loved and has the full affection of her family and first of all her maker. It seems funny to speak this about a little one about to become two years old, potty training, not fully talking little blondie but her spirit is fully formed, alive & able to receive these gifts that the Lord would have for her. So little as she might be I want to pour into her abundantly these things in her youth so that she might cling to them as mighty weapons in the years to come. Being a woman is a tough thing and affection that is structured correctly from the Lord is a blessing to have as a cornerstone in one's identity. This year has sure gone too fast... Thank you Jesus for Aubrey Lynn. She has me laughing all the time. Any color you point to is blue. She loves to flush the toilet & it is her motivation in potty training. Her favorite food is string cheese. She loves painting her nails any color. She goes to sleep with a total of five babies tucked in beside her. Her favorite friends are Israel, cowboy, capo, and grandma. She loves to talk on the phone, color & get into the kitty food. If you ask her who she loves she always says in a drawn out cute voice "I... (long long pause) DADA!"

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