Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas Clean Up

Every year I really enjoy Christmas so much. This year we were so rushed putting out our decorations while moving that I swore that I would wait til new years to take them down. But then this weird thing happens. I start to get claustrophobic the day after Christmas. I organize toys. I take trash to Ralph's at midnight and pray I don't get caught dumping boxes that wouldn't fit into recycle. I clean my grout and sanitize the fridge because I got new kitchen canisters and while the rest of my house is a disaster and my laundry pile is taller than Aubrey I can't put out my canisters until my grout is clean. Kurto prepares for this. He knows it is coming. I acted all cool this year the day after Christmas but only because it was a Sunday. I knew that Monday morning when Kurto went to work I would probably take stuff down. So Monday morning i wake up. My coffee is brewing and I take down a few ornaments. Then I can't stop. I take down the entire tree by 7am. This is ok minus the fact that I promised Kurto I wouldn't. But then I hear the trash truck. I am unscrewing the base of the tree and starting to sweat. I am in my big ugly puffy aqua Costco robe. I then at that moment officially lose it. I take carry the tree (six feet tall) outside where I open the garage door. I then proceed to run two houses down the street. Get the attention of the trash man. He backs up and takes the tree in the chomper thing. Slowly the tree goes up the ladder into the trash. It was then that I hear my children and realize that they are in the garage watching this whole thing go down. Aubrey was screaming "tree tree... bye bye... tree. No no tree." They have just witnessed the Grinch in an aqua bathrobe drinking coffee giddy that the tree would not clutter up the garage the entire week. I have officially lost it. The worst part however was this week. I was upstairs in my room when I heard the trash truck go down the street. Aubrey looked at me and said "tree...". therapy may be in order.


Vanessa said...

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

Jocelynalice said...

amazing Katchen. You never cease to amaze me.

The Wedding Company said...

amazing :)