Friday, February 25, 2011

going green

My mom offered me this desk that had been in the closet for a while. It used to be my great grandmothers. Being that I have a problem with furniture as most women have a problem with shoes I took it home without a second thought. It started out as a dark maple. It had tons of scratches & a bunch of water stains. I decided that it would make for a great desk for Israel. I wanted to use up paints that I had for it and not spend any money so I mixed three colors til it was a sort of lime/aqua/"army green" color for Israel. My steps for doing this project included sanding with a medium sand paper, sanding with a fine sand paper, two coats of primer, two coats of paint, sanding up the edges a bit, staining with a wood stain, and then finally two coats of sealer. The hardware is definitely not manly by any means. But I had it on hand and thought it looked so awesome against the "army" green color. So for now it sits. I am on the hunt for a chair that I can paint orange maybe? Yellow? Not too sure. Israel loves it and for that I am happy.

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Christina said...

good job!