Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ministry of children

Every day I find myself opening up the garage door and letting the kids run free. We don't have a backyard and so it is so nice that we live on a culdesac. So there is this one house. This house has a fountain outside and Aubrey loves to go towards there always. I began to go after her and Israel stopped me in my tracks. He was dead serious. "Mom don't stop her!" I was a bit confused. "Mom don't. I think Aubrey is going to preach the good news!" He was dead serious. I love these two. I try and not ever underestimate the sincerity of Israel and his spiritual ambitions or thoughts. I love how the Lord uses siblings to bring each other closer to him and to grow from each other. About six months ago Israel woke up early and came down the stairs groggy. He came to me and told me right away, "mom Jesus spoke to me in my dream and told me it was my job to always make sure Aubrey knows about him." Israel tells me this and then immediately goes over to Aubrey and hugs her and says "Aubrey do you know how much Jesus loves you? He LOVES you!" It was so sweet. A true sincere moment that I will remember forever. I think it was right before Aubrey put seven Lego heads in her mouth and then ran around teasing Izzy and he started sobbing. The honesty and purity of children is so funny sometimes. I do however value and love the growing relationship between these two. It reminds me of how my sister led me to the Lord when I was four. It is truly my one and only conversion experience. Lets just say that the fire and brimstone message was alive and well in my sisters heart and I for one did not want to live a life in purgatory. There might have been a game of hide and seek involved, a dark closet, tears, repentance & true acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. He uses all ways to bring his children into the kingdom. Amen?

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Christina said...

thanks for the cute blog update!!!! love hearing of those two edible kids of yours!