Sunday, March 06, 2011

confession time

- Yesterday while I was downstairs making dinner I heard Aubrey go upstairs. Israel was taking a bath and I could here him saying "mom..." over and over. I kept asking him what was wrong but I didn't go up for a few minutes. When I got up there Aubrey was in the bath with him fully dressed in her jammies (she had just gotten her bath a few minutes prior). I was so mad because Israel had opened the door for her thinking it would be funny & mad at Aubrey for being so sneaky. My first thought was to go get my camera because it was so funny. Then I thought taking pictures might reinforce the issue that I was trying to be so stern with. Then I thought if I actually posted these pictures a theme would emerge of Aubrey being left to herself, non-parenting, child protected services etc. would emerge. After all sharpie incident above mentioned brought about "well how did she get a sharpie in the first place" comments that made me laugh.
- This week I have been drinking hazelnut creamer with my coffee every morning. Each time I do I congratulate myself on how I am really adapting to living a frugal lifestyle and defeating the demons of gluttony. You see this creamer has been in my fridge for about six months and every time I go buy vanilla when I am out (it was part of a costco pack). This week I decided to use what was available instead of going to get more. Wow I am truly inspiring aren't I? A poster child for the fasted lifestyle.
- The other day we were coming home from church in our honda civic (the ford finally bit the dust. I'm still not sure why.

Anyhow we decided to go to costco to get one of those plastic mats that go under an office desk. Costco has the best price by the way. (15 bucks cheaper than staples or office max) When we got to the car it would not fit into the trunk. The only solution was to put it in the backseat. Both kids were back there and it is a smaller car mind you. The mat went floor to ceiling and bent a slight curve so that it might have been softly & gently smashing Aubrey. We bribed Israel with a sprite to lean in to Aubrey's car seat and push with both arms the plastic away from her face. Kurto & I started out feeling bad it was so squishy back there, then we began laughing & then we began loving the silence from the back seat. It was as if we had our own patrol car with a shield up. We began dreaming of buying a limo with car seats in the back and us up front. We could just roll down the middle window throw sippy cups and snacks back & then roll it up again and have amazing adult conversations.
- Israel and I have been playing miss pack man every night one game each. It is totally unfair because he loses in two minutes and then watches me for about fifteen. I am doing it for him because he loves to play.
- I have to get a root canal on Tuesday. I knew it was gonna be bad when I took off my crest whitening strips and felt like lightning was attacking my mouth. I hate the dentist.
- Aubrey eats string cheese every morning and it doesn't bother me.
- I bought sunflowers this week at the grocery store and it came out of our food money. Perhaps that is why I am drinking nasty hazelnut creamer as penance.


Krista said...

love it love it! you crack me up!!!!

Christina said...

hahaha!!!!! thanks for letting me into your world, i feel like i just hung out with you! :)