Friday, March 04, 2011


Today marks the end of a long week. Kurt's mom left last Saturday and I knew that life would be different this week. Having grammy here means a few things:
- Israel loves school because Grammy uses pirate treasure, timers, flashcard bingo & all other things that I have never used to create a wonderful education for my child.
- I love home school because it means drinking coffee, reading to Aubrey, doing my dishes & taking a shower while Grammy works her magic teaching Israel.
ha- I drink a Starbucks every day because my mother in law has a secret Starbucks card.
- I eat ice cream at night to celebrate the fact that grammy is here.
- Date night out and happy kids at home asleep when we come back.
- spa day at Glen Ivy which was the best experience really. Lets sidetrack on that:
Glen Ivy Spa in Corona means: eating girly salad that Kurto would never let me make because it contains things like goat cheese & sun dried tomato & spinach. Jacuzzi, lay out, mud bath pool, shower, hot spring jacuz, sauna, repeat. Oh & pedicure. My love language. I don't think I have laid on a raft and relaxed since I listened to Madonna in another country on the Indian ocean which is for a different post entirely.
Yeah life with Grammy was tough! So that is why this week has been back to reality. Israel is mad about flashcards because they don't come with gold dollers, my kids are needing all my attention and I have been wearing my pajama pants and grossly oversize manly chargers sweatshirt from am to pm. There are no Carmel brownies around. My laundry has not been folded in neat little piles. Kurto & my date night included me falling asleep at 8:30 while we tried to watch a movie at home. It has been awesome. I miss time to myself to recharge. I didn't even realize I missed it until I tasted of it last week. This week I tried to watch the IHOP webstream to try and encourage my spirit and the result was frustration that I couldn't watch the entire thing, diaper change interruptions, bits and pieces of the message with interruptions of snacks & bike ride request & then just when I thought I was really able to watch and let the Word of God minister to my spirit...

Sharpie marker all over the wall. Hall, bathroom, bedroom & mirror. Aubrey was only like 10 ft away from me. How could this happen?

Grammy come back!!!

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Christina said...

you have a great grammy!!!!