Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Price is Right

Israel is loving his daddy these days...

Kurto and I are pretty careful about media in our home. We have had tv, not had tv, had tv again for football season, movies only, the list goes on. Israel is allowed certain shows that he can watch at certain times and we try to make no big deal about it. Which is why this comment is so funny. What comes out of our children's mouths is directly linked to what they see or hear at home but sometimes things just can't be explained and we have to trust the Lord that when they are not at home they are being surrounded by situations which are safe and not compromising in what we would ourselves train them in. All that being said, yesterday Israel took the sheets off his bed I was changing them. He was lying on the floor with "Bob" and I said, Israel time to put Bob back on your bed and I accidentally stepped on "Bob". Out of his mouth came, "Mom you just stepped on Bob Barker. Mr. Bob Barker to be exact."
What in the world? Last time I checked Israel and I were doing math in the mornings, not watching The Price is Right. I think this was the funniest thing I have heard come out of his mouth in a while. Still not sure how he knows who Bob Barker is. If you are unsure who "Bob" is he is the stuffed tiger that resides on Israel's bed. Kurto and I placed him there one night while Israel was sleeping in his crib and Izzy basically woke up screaming because a large scary tiger was staring at him. Now Bob or "Mr. Barker" is a family friend.

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Christina said...

i love it that tiger Bob now has a last name!