Sunday, July 31, 2011

Miss Aubrey Lynn Baby

I call her this all the time. Sometimes I don't know what to do with her. Laugh mostly. She is funny! She waves hello to everybody we pass and when we finally walk past them says "see ya". She has temper fits and tells me as she is stomping her feet "I am having a FIT". She love her brother more each day. She goes up the stairs and calls for him "Izzybuns wait for me". She can't say her "c" letter sound and so says things like "oh my goodness. My shopping Tart. Its in my Toset". She hugs me nonstop, cuddles, loves on my face while she pets my hair, and looks at me and smiles. She brings me her cuddle blanket and a baby doll and says "go to sleep my baby" while she pats my back. She calls any bugs "bees". Her favorite food is cheese & chocolate. She has zero attention span and is mostly a spaz from one thing to the next except coloring which she could do all day. She always wants to paint her toes. She only lets me do her hair if I tell her we are going to grandma's. She jumped into the deep end this week and swims mostly on her own to the step. She is fearless and does it more when others laugh. She sings all the time. Old McDonald & Jesus loves me. She will do anything to make Israel laugh. She loves her daddy & every day walks him to the door and says "by daddy!" The other day when he got home she said "how was your day at work daddy?" just like her brother does every day. She still loves Capo Baby and feeds him kitty crumbles one at a time every morning. She is full of life and I love her.


Christina said...

i love her!

Jocelynalice said...

she is adorable!!! plus, you look beautiful !