Tuesday, August 23, 2011

trying to be awesome

(this picture does not include the gallon that got on my clothes from my shoulders down)
I got this from Meg's Whatever blog (why it won't link I don't know) and thought I can do this!
This is a series of real time events:
Israel: "mom I can stir it"
Me: "I got it Iz. It is tough at first."
Israel: "mom I got it."
(enter 5 minute mom/son spiel on not arguing etc.etc.)
Me: taking the bowl away from Israel
Israel: trying to hold onto the bowl
Israel: good thing we didn't add in the colors yet!
(30 minutes later, a load of laundry, roll of paper towels, and emptying out two drawers and bottom cabinets)
Israel: this stuff doesn't work that great. I can't even see it. (dumps the entire bowl out in one spot)
Me: Ok come inside and we will hose it down.
(Que the headache that lasted five days and one er visit...)
It is still outside on my porch. They said it was washable but I'm not sure they meant five days later. I am afraid. Very afraid.
note to self. mess from daughter disturbing above said clumps will be far messier to "hose off" when brought inside and smashed in carpet to resemble pink and green cat litter in carpet. wow this project was a WINNER!

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jyothi hegde said...

Lol.this looks like my kitchen like it is....so many times a day! Does it make u wonder how some people have shiny countertops n cabinets? Lol again maybe they don't have kids or drink no milk! God bless