Saturday, October 22, 2011


This picture represents so much to me. As I type this my couch cushions are all over the floor. Something about a jumping game. There is syrup on the bar stools leftover from breakfast. Israel isn't dressed yet because he has no more clean shorts. Aubrey just got out turkey from the fridge and I can hear "not for kitty. not for you cowboy". Life has been busy this month. Often times I think we equate busyness with something to be fixed. I hear all the time "I am just too busy & I need to change this. It just isn't right". Sometimes I find this true. But often I find that busyness can be from the Lord if it is teamed with purposefulness. Busyness for the sake of feeling accomplished or proud of our kids because they are in xyz or for the sake of feeling valued for what we do is not something to strive for. I think though we mistake wanting to do the opposite of running around in circles and end up not running at all. I have had seasons of this. I get burnt out on trying to keep up and in the process I nix everything. I end up passing up opportunities from the Lord because I am afraid of getting lost again in that cycle. So lately my schedule is full but I am at peace. The rhythm hasn't lost me yet of the day to day. I know that I need the strength of the Lord to endure but because the steps of each day are things he has called me to, I feel endurance to push through. I am less tired than when my schedule is clear. This picture was taken at a recent wedding that I did flowers for in San Diego. In the middle of the set up stage running around, pinning a corsage on, setting the tables, throwing petals I found myself alone in the courtyard. There was this beautiful fountain & as I put purple petals around and in the water I found such a connection in the Lord and felt that this business and this motherhood & this ministry place, is all part of the puzzle that the Lord is putting together. Though it is busy it is purposeful in its season & in the midst I am finding such a refreshment and it is beautiful.

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