Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Awesomeness

Kurto & I are complete opposites. He is Mr. night owl. I am practically doing snow angels in my bed at 8pm. I jump in bed each night grab my three pillows, my down comforter & cowboy my fat cat comes and sits on my lap. It is pathetic. Israel is now actually going to bed after me on a lot of nights. I attribute it to too many years working at starbucks at 4am. So it is no surprise that after Thanksgiving dinner when I told Kurto that I should go shopping on Black Friday his words were "I will set the alarm so that you can get up at 11:30 after your nap." I am so so lame. I had to take a nap to stay up til midnight. I got to Target and my lameness continued. This year Kurt & I have been pinching every penny. In my despair to have Internet a few weeks ago I went to Starbucks and used the Internet. I brought Aubrey. I brought $1.25 in change for a vanilla steamer for her. Prices went up the night before. I got denied by 20cents! When you get denied by twenty cents you begin to pinch your pennies for reals. Anyhow Kurto & I decided that Christmas was limited to say the least but at least with the sales going on we could make our pennies stretch. While most were running for TVs, ipod's, etc I was making a run for true "door busters". My thoughts included "I hope that hello kitty underwear has not run out! Will they still have Darth Vader's $5 pajama deal by the time I get through this line? I pray nobody takes the last strawberry shortcake memory game. Its on sale for $3!" Yes I am that lame. But when you get games for $3 instead of $11 then Santa has come to town folks!

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Jocelynalice said...

Seasons come and seasons go. You will be grateful for the way your kids don't expect a 200$ christmas gift each year. Way to go against the stream. I think it is sweet although getting denied by 20 cents is lame. You should have stepped outside and had Aubrey do something cute and charged the onlookers for 20 cents.