Monday, November 21, 2011

we all knew this before

but just in case you didn't know... I have lost my mind. I moved my dining room table upstairs. Upstairs as in the kids room. It has legos and hello kitty coloring pages all over it and it is AWESOME! What is not awesome? My neck is out, because my back is spaz, because I sat in my "new" dad's old over sized leather chair. It looked harmless. It was going to salvation army. I rescued it & loved it & stopped the truck pickup. I re-arranged my house. I have the perfect leather chair, reading lamp fireplace action going on. Except my back is on FIRE! My mom told me that it had a little broken spring issue. I thought a pillow stuffed underneath me would be awesome. Wrong! Now I have a heating pad and a sore looser attitude. What the heck do I do with this chair? With my dining room table? With my dream of fireside chats? For now a fatty Christmas tree in the corner will solve my problem. I have so many issues that involve furniture, craigslist, no money & mismatched paint it is even concerning to my seven year old. At school his teacher conference went like this, "Israel was the only student who personally thanked me for organizing his desk." "Israel got in trouble this week for out of turn talking instructing others how their markers should be in order by color." Sorry Izzy. It's my fault. And next semester you will play football again with your friends and then come home to organize your legos by color. I will love you forever for it like I love your daddy and someday your wife will love it too. And now for random catch up pictures...

and for the record - yes we trickortreat. no I don't love Halloween, the devil or his friends & yes by miracle I have not eaten all the kids candy yet but the m&m's are gone for sure.

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