Saturday, December 03, 2011


Good things have been going on around here. I made Grandma Dee's English Toffee last night to give to the neighbors. At least most of it made it to the neighbors. It is simple ingredients. Butter, sugar, salt, water, chocolate chips. The only thing you really need is a candy thermometer.
On top of the fridge: a globe I found at a thrift store, my great grandmother's aqua bowl, cinnamon sticks ready for apple cider, and Kurt's grandma's red tin filled with tea.

Each year I think I'm going to go all classy & clean with my Christmas decorating. And then I get out my boxes, unload the ornaments that don't match, bring out the bright red & green mixed with the bling of oldschool outdated snow village & I am happy. The best part are the bubble lights that scream disco 70's as much as they scream memories of my sister & I waiting for Christmas morning watching the bubble lights. I am making peace with the fact that sentimental wins every time. And to balance it all out I added silver glitter ribbon and aqua & silver bulbs all over my tree. Merry Christmas!

On top of the secretary: nativity scene that Kurt's grandma gave Kurt & I as a wedding present. Candy dish from my Grandma Dee filled with m&m's. Another aqua bowl from my Great Grandma "GG", quilts inside the cabinet are random, some from me, some passed down.

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Leslie said...

Is that a light up globe??!!!

Im drooling. I love it that much.