Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year,

Wow! I just realized that I can scroll down three post and see Dec, Nov, Oct. How very concise of me. Or how very boring? I'm gonna say busy and call it a day. I read a blog yesterday here that really had me thinking about blogging. She had a post on why people blog. She was encouraging in her commitment to blog because she was the memory keeper of her family. She writes of the possibilities of what if our mothers had blogged? What treasure would that have been? The good, the bad, the funny. I loved that. I have been in a blogging slump lately and I think it has honestly come from reading so many other blogs. I have been lied to. Thought my blog was lame, my life was too boring, I don't have enough money to organize or decorate how I would want to portray on my blog, I don't have a product to promote, I don't have other "blog friends", I don't have a voice, I don't have a home, I am so boring, I can't really say things that are on my heart, people will think I'm offensive, people will think I'm unspiritual, people will think I'm too spiritual & not in touch with reality, I don't, I don't, I don't, I can't, I can't, I cant. Well its 2012 people and here goes! I can, I will, I will try, I will fail, I will document this life of mine because God has given me a testimony, a voice, a husband, children & a story to tell. And if not one comment comes then the joy will come from my family having a heritage written down, if you count spray paint and coffee as a spiritual blessing.
I want to document my family. Because they are awesome.

I want to share my journey in parenting. I want to cultivate my children's spirits.

I want to reflect on things that are eternal.

I want to reflect on things that are messy, funny & make me laugh at myself.

I want to share my love of flowers, flower tips & the tricks of the trade. Because every home should have flowers as long as they aren't tacky, colored blue, fake, or come with babies breath.

Happy New Year!

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Leslie said...

Love this post.

Its easy to get sucked into the big blogging names...

but the reality rings true for me too, I never blogged to do that.

I blog to have my story down for my family, and not just the day to day journal, but the rumblings of my heart. I want my children to know I was passionate, and exactly what I was passionate for.

I blog to share my story, with the person who might relate and eyes might be turned to Him because I was real and genuine and said. IM A MESS, AND HE STILL LOVES ME.

And the silly reason, I blog cause I like pretty things, and it makes me on the bad mom days have a place to go and scroll, and say thank you Jesus for the messes, and the meltdowns, and all that. Life is really pretty.

Ok sorry for the novel.