Tuesday, September 19, 2006

party pooper

so tonight i'm a party pooper. on all levels. today was a good day. great flowers, and anticipation of coming home, walking as a family to ihop, then celebrating, eating, listening to prophetic history, and worship. all hopeful things - until the poop flood came to the weavers. our basement filled up with sewage. they said they would be here from 2 - 4. it is now ten til 8 and still no snake r router. So my house is filled with smells and israel didn't get to go on the bounce house. I have a bad attitude and feel sorry for myself that everyone is celebrating and i'm trying to get israel to go poop in the mini poddy. poop on all levels and i'm a party pooper. Kurto cleaned up the flood then walked to ihop around four thirty anticipating that i would follow shortly. i just called and the truck won't be here until 9. So i'm asking for a better attitude and thinking of why i'm thankful that the poop is three days shy of running out of warranty. At least i'm not paying for the plunge tonight. I guess i can celebrate that.

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