Friday, September 15, 2006

wisdom holes

So I forgot to post a monumental thing that happened in my life a few weeks ago. I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I decided to be put under and now think why on earth would did I have the first one pulled with novicane? It's like magic and over. So I also had a little "freenum" (spelling or exact wordage i'm not so sure) cut. I've had this my whole life and basically it's like my lip has been attatched to my gums for 25 yrs. So of course I don't move it for about a week and then i'm back in for a check-up. I think no big deal, get my wisdom holes checked out, get my gums checked out, get a chipotle on the way home to Kurto. Well then the doc is pulling in three nurses as my mouth seems to be a science experiment that he has only seen one other of in 30 yrs so i'm show and tell on "what to do when... someone's surgically cut gums and freenum grow back together." Terrible terrible let me tell you. Some ripping and gauze and a week later i'm great except for my wisdom holes which bug.

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